Week 10: Farewell but not Goodbye


This course has been a lot of work (much more than just 2 hours a week during class). David Green was right when he said we’ll never be able to fully learn Photoshop or After Effects in just one semester – it takes a LOT more time than that. I definitely want to explore what else can be done in Photoshop because I’ve done photographic manipulation but I also want to try creating animated posters.

Taking this course has made me appreciate what I see on a daily basis. They’re all works of art (some are much better than others). I realize now how much thought goes into creating something and how nothing good is done arbitrarily. This course has opened my eyes to the way I should be looking at my future work: plan ahead, work at it until you want to cry, and always get critiqued!

I won’t be continuing with Digital Media classes but I honestly had a great time here. Tuesday morning lectures were the highlight of my week and the lab was challenging yet rewarding. I’ve learned so much, and I can’t wait to apply my new knowledge into multi-cam and single camera classes next semester. For a mandatory course that I didn’t really want to take in the first place, it somehow managed to be my favourite class this semester.


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