Week 8: Storytelling and Transmedia

Part 1: Halloween came and went – although most uni kids probably don’t remember much of it – and along with it came some really crazy costumes with really cool stories. One of my favourite costumes was a male in a nun costume, wearing a beer hat and a construction vest. I can only imagine what random generator gave him that idea for a costume. The story extended when I decided to snapchat a selfie of us to my friends to satisfy our constant need for stimulation. It wasn’t enough that I could see his costume with my own eyes, I had to share my Halloween stories on social media and see what other people were sharing too. The story that night was about Halloween and we told it through the clothes we wore, the social media we used, and the community we made.

Part 2: The only transmedia project I could think of during the lecture was Pottermore, and the Harry Potter world in general. Pottermore is a site where you can get sorted into a house (just like in the book), and discover additional details that didn’t make it into the book. The site itself was underwhelming, but if it had been executed properly, it would have been amazing. An even bigger extension of the Harry Potter world is the Harry Potter Alliance, a movement that brings together HP fans to fight for social/political causes. They’ve helped out with the Fair Trade movement, the earthquake relief in Haiti, gay-marriage rights etc… all (unofficially) under the Harry Potter brand! It’s inspiring to see what superfans will do.


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